About 8 Houses Down


Matt vanLeuven

Recording & Mixing Engineer/Producer

Jeff Merkel

Mastering Engineer/Owner








Mike Lewandowski

Assistant Engineer/Tech/Producer








A Bit of Background

8 Houses Down started something like 20 years ago as a bunch of young punks in basement studios. With a few mics, old-school recorders, and tiny mixers we started recording, mixing, and mastering each others bands. As our reputation grew, so did our capabilities and drive to make every production kick some serious butt. Since those early days we've produced literally thousands of releases, won awards, toured the world, given lectures, and have had a blast the entire time!

We often get asked where our name came from (not to be, but often, confused with the annoying band 3 Doors Down that came may years later). The name "8 Houses Down" actually came about because the original basement studio was literally 8 houses down from a friends' well known party house. Using that as a landmark, telling everyone the studio was eight houses down from George's house rolled off the tongue and stuck. Many years and locations later we're right downtown in a warehouse art district, so the name doesn't make much literal sense, but we still dig it so the name has stayed.