Jealousy Monster


Danny Stillman from Drop Dead Gorgeous started a new project called Jealousy Monster. This was a very cool session indeed! Check out this sample of one of the tunes.

Electric Cowboy1 by jeff8houses

The session was pretty unique in terms of work flow. The guys are very into analog synths, so almost all synths throughout the project were sourced from real analog machines. Most of the synth and guitar parts were tracked direct and clean at their home studio into Ableton Live. There they did all the writing, arrangement, and scratch vocals.

They then came into 8 Houses where we brought the tracks from Live into Nuendo. We started out using Rewire but found it was just easier to bounce the tracks individually out of Live and import them into Nuendo (fairly tedious, but bomb-proof).

Almost all the tracks went back out of the system and were re-amped with our custom-build re-amp box and processed analog. We used just about every possible amp and signal chain to give it some very unique, subtle tones with just the right amount of room ambiance. Reamping synths, guitars, drums, and sometimes even vocals through different boutique guitar and bass amps into a moderately reverberant room can add some very cool depth to recordings. The re-amp box was built specifically for this session but will see a lot more action on upcoming projects.

This project was a blast with tons of catchy hooks that will loop in your head for weeks!