Mastering is the art and science of polishing a project into it's final release. A different skill set is required for mastering. Having a deep understanding of the underlying analog and digital technologies.

8 Houses Down has had a dedicated mastering studio with it's own mastering engineer for over a decade. We offer a host of mastering services for both the music and audio post-production.

High Resolution Mastering for Picture & Music

We offer extensive mastering services for any platform, from web to Blu-ray. We can optimize and encode to anything from Dolby, DTS, MPEG, PCM, perceptual encoding, and lossless compression and maintain sync to any picture source.

CD Mastering

8 Houses Down has mastered on the order of 1500 CD releases over the last decade.

Streaming, Web, & Broadcast Multimedia

With a plethora of options for modern content delivery 8 Houses Down will help you sound your best. Whether matched to picture or standalone sound, the audio must be optimized to sound it’s best in compressed format.


Vinyl's alive and kicking! Mastering for vinyl requires a different approach than that of CDs. With hundreds of vinyl releases under our belts we bring the finishing touch to get the most out of this awesome format!

Restoration and Forensics

Have some rough production audio or an old analog recording that needs some cleaning up? We can remove background noise, wind, buzzing, and more out of poor quality recordings. With specialized tools and mad skills 8 Houses can improve the quality of audio of sub-par recordings back to a usable standard. We can even improve recordings for legal use, providing full affidavits and maintaining chain of custody.