Music Recording & Mixing

8 Houses Down has been recording and mixing local, national, and international acts for over 15 years. Our award winning studios have produced literally thousands of releases from single song singer-songwriter demo's to full-scale surround projects with over one-hundred tracks. Our engineers and studios provide a comfortable, creative, and productive environment that can accommodate nearly any musical circumstance.

Our Philosophy

We believe we are purists. For us the best sound comes from a fundamental knowledge and use of solid mic technique, great equipment, and fantastic acoustics. It is our mission to draw the best sound from the artist in a very true and authentic way.


Good recordings start with good instruments in a good room followed by a killer signal chain all the way from the mics to the recorder. This means great mics, cabling, pre-amps, processors, A/D converters, and most importantly how to best use them in a given recording.

We're constantly complemented on the sound of our live/tracking room. With highly variable acoustics we're able to tune the room to each particular performance and situation. Kept quite live drums sound huge, deep, and natural. Horns, strings, piano, and any acoustic instruments spring to life in the room with moderate natural revebs. Voice is big, intimate, and natural when surrounded by our large baffles.


The big and comfortable control room at 8 Houses is the place to mix. Easily able to accommodate more than ten people, there is plenty of room to spread out and let the music breathe. The analog console/outboard gear working in tandem with the digital audio workstation provide massive sound with tons of processing power, tweakable automation, and high-resolution mixdown options.

Multiple calibrated monitoring setups allow for confident mixing that translate across many playback systems from iPods, to bumpin' car stereos, to audiophile listening rooms. Having the killer gear and mixing know-how make mixes from 8 Houses stand out as professional and big.


With an arsenal of top-notch analog and digital gear at our disposal we're able to leverage each technology to it's maximum potential, which translates into pristine sound with "uber-control".

The centerpiece of the studio is definitely the mammoth Sony MXP-3056 analog console. At nearly 11 feet wide, it's loaded with 64 channels of tricked out channels strips that give that coveted analog sound so sought after in modern recordings. No analog modeling here, only the real deal!

Running along side of the analog console are the stacks of outboard gear. From multiple recorders, to awesome mic-pres, to dynamics, EQ, signal processors and more the racks contain tons of processing power.

Complementing all the analog gear is the digital muscle. Our Nuendo-based workstation provides all the editing, automation, MIDI, and realtime/offline processing power one might want.

In addition to our recording equipment we have a host of house instruments and amplifiers. Guitars, amps, piano, virtual synths, percussion goodies, and more round out the "noise" makers available to artists.

For a complete list of gear please check out our equipment page.


With the advent of surround capable home theaters and now surround in automobiles, mixing music in surround is becoming more popular than ever, opening up huge possibilities in soundscapes. Surround works especially well with live recordings. Going back to plain ol' stereo is hard once a surround mix has been experienced!

Live & Location

Have recording rig, will travel. Our recording capabilities extend far from the 8 Houses mother-ship. Our high resolution multitrack recorders along with pristine pre-ams and mics are capable of recording many, many hours of continuous, stable recording. Critical multitrack recording of a live performance can be done at any venue, large or small, without interfering with the live house mix or engineers.

We've done numerous projects for clients that have commented that our live recordings sound better than studio recordings done elsewhere!